As Youvia WFC’ management we hope to fly back to the top.

March 26, 2023

On behalf of Youvia Women Football Club’ management and all other parties and individuals involved, we wish to extend a word of apology to all ‘The Youvia People’ who are the club’s supporters, fans, sponsors, the football fraternity and the hundred of Rwandans in general. We have no words strong enough to express our disappointment in our own failure to avoid yet another drop to the lower division. We apologise, because means cannot justify the end.

We further wish to extend our appreciation to all our supporters and fans for their loyal and unending support. We thank our players and the technical staff who played, fought and performed under difficult conditions. Unfortunately the battle was lost.

Our appreciation goes to all those parties and individuals who supported us in many ways more than once. Lastly we thank the very few staff members who stayed behind and kept the candle burning up to now.

As Youvia WFC’ management we hope to fly back to the top.

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