About Us

The story of Youvia Women Football Club is one of passion, determination and perseverance. Starting out in 2012, the team initially consisted of only boys in the U14 category who were taught important life lessons alongside the game of football. However, as time passed, the girls in the community began showing a keen interest in playing too, but were given less time on the field. Realising this was not fair, the management of Youvia started planning how to start a girls’ team. When the girls’ team was finally formed, their enthusiasm and participation was so high that within just two years, they had already played many games and various competitions in the southern province. The hard work paid off when Youvia competed in the first game of the National League in 2014-2015 and finished in the 7/12 place.

As a social enterprise with the Rwanda Development Board certificate, Youvia is an excellent example of how businesses can contribute positively to their communities.

Club Vision

The club’s vision is to become a leading and sustainable football club in Rwanda that provides opportunities for female players of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Club Mission

Their mission is to connect their community through football and actively promote junior, youth and senior participation for women while encouraging learning, development and team spirit.

Club Value

The club values are centered around community, success, equality, innovation and striving for excellence. By adopting these values and principles, Youvia Women Football Club is becoming a powerhouse in Rwandan football.

Club Objectives

  1. To share, transfer, improve, and develop tools and practices for the empowerment of young people through sports;
  2. To prevent teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS among the young people community;
  3. To develop a sustainable long-term network of organizations working to empower young people;
  4. To provide a female football academy;
  5. To promote the highest level of female football club;
  6. To encourage, support, and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.
Youvia Women Football Club 2023 Squad
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