The match between Rambura WFC and Youvia this Saturday has been moved to Masoro

November 10, 2022

Due to the ongoing renovation of the Rambura WFC ground located in Nyabihu, this team requested to visit Youvia WFC

team first with the agreement of both teams, which was approved by Ferwafa. This means Youvia WFC will go to Rambura in the second leg.


The Northern Province based team in Nyabihu District, Rambura WFC, which was founded in 2009, has not played in the Second Division since entering the First Division. It is a team supported by a German province which has a partnership with Rwanda. Jumelage Rhineland Palatinate has been a long-standing sponsor since its creation.


Youvia will play an open game and start looking for points, expected players include striker Umurerwa Rebecca, striker Uwamukuza Denise and not to forget Youvia WFC team captain and goalkeeper Ngabire Pascaline. But midfielder Tuyishimire Ange will miss this game due to the injury she suffered in the match between Youvia and AS Kabuye, she is still two weeks away but has started training.

Rambura WFC has a player who is expected to perform well in this match, which is Matanya, who last year played for Fofila WFC in Burundi and won the title. Another expected player is Dallas who plays in the midfielder who moved from Kayonza WFC to Rambura WFC this year.

Rambura WFC has a coach named Madame Mukeshimana Console who is the assistant coach for the women’s national team.

Youvia WFC coach Ishimwe Patrick said he is confident of winning this Saturday as the team is well prepared and everyone knows it is time to start looking for points that will help us get out of the Red line.

Rambura WFC beat Gakenke WFC 3-0 in the first game, but lost the second game 3-1 against Kamonyi WFC, which means they have 3 points.

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