Raymond announces departure

August 1, 2023

Raymond Van Eck has been an exceptional supporter of the Youvia WFC team since 2022. He has tirelessly worked to bring together the Youvia WFC and Youvia BV. Although both companies have entirely different activities, Raymond Van Eck’s efforts enabled them to recognize each other. He has dedicated 3.5 years to Youvia BV, and as mentioned on the Youvia website, CEO Raymond van Eck announces departure.

But his contribution to Youvia WFC will always be remembered, and he will remain the best friend of the team. He worked unwaveringly to increase the support agreement for the year 2023/2024. He was successful in securing the finances for the upcoming year for Youvia WFC.

NDARAMA Mark expressed his faith in continuing to work with Youvia BV, even though Raymond would no longer be the C.E.O. Ndarama thanked him for his professional demeanor and commitment to delivering his promises. With Raymond’s assurance that he will remain a fan of Youvia WFC, the team members found comfort. The team wishes him all the best.

Raymond Van Eck’s journey with Youvia was filled with many key moments:

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