Pacifique, who scored an impressive total of four goals

October 14, 2023

The recent football match between Youvia WFC and AS Kabuye witnessed an exceptional performance from the talented athlete, Pacifique Ishimwe, who scored an impressive total of four goals, leading her team to a remarkable victory with a final score of 7-0 goals. It comes as no surprise that Pacifique is widely considered as the standout player of the year 2022/23 in Youvia WFC.

Her incredible talent and sheer dedication to the game have earned her the coveted title of ‘Player of the Year’ – a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding performance both on and off the field. During the match, Pacifique showcased her exceptional skills, scoring her first goal at the 16th minute before following it up with two more goals at the 29th and 67th minutes. The crowd was on their feet as she scored her fourth goal of the night at the 75th minute, undoubtedly securing her position as a vital player in the team’s success this season. Overall, Pacifique’s contributions to the team have been instrumental, and her achievements have set the bar high for her fellow team players.

Pacifique Ishimwe on the ball

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